The Manhattan Method

The Manhattan Method is our proprietary approach to English with a focus on practical use and fluency. 

It's designed to help non-English speaking students from Japan, Korea and China accelerate their learning to gain mastery of English usage in real life.


A balanced practical syllabus

English textbooks are written by a linguistic professor who want to teach students all aspects of English. A lot of information in textbooks will never be used in “the real world” by language students. Most schools require teachers to adhere to all pages in the textbook.

  • The Manhattan Method focuses on students’ needs through an emphasis on practical language.
  • The method helps students accelerate their ability to communicate, acquire vocabulary, and become fluent in an active learning environment. 
  • App enabled classes help you to remember more from each lesson.

Passionate and engaging teachers

Our teachers are hand-picked to be engaging, and passionate about teaching.

  • They act as coaches who work with students to motivate them to quickly improve their language.  
  • The teacher uses the book as one tool in the classroom. However, our teachers creates a curriculum based on the students’ needs not based on the textbook.

Ample opportunities to build confidence

In the Manhattan Method, students and teachers actively participate and collaborate to enhance their skills in and out of the classroom.

  • Only 9 students per class; students can engage with the teacher throughout the lesson
  • Students are engaged in open discussion, debate and dialogue with each other and the teacher 80% off the classroom time.
  • Regular lessons outside of the classroom in a real life setting help students to develop confidence applying 

Enjoy speaking English

Speaking English can be a little bit intimidating. This is why we host small mixers on a weekly basis. The cozy atmosphere we create is perfect to mingle with students from other classes, and the best way to practice English conversation.