The Manhattan Method曼哈顿语言学校英文教学方法

The Manhattan Method is our proprietary approach to English with a focus on practical use and fluency. 曼哈顿语言学校有着独特的英语教学环境与方法,让学生在最短的时间掌握英语的语法和如何运用英语语法

It's designed to help non-English speaking students from Japan, Korea and China accelerate their learning to gain mastery of English usage in real life. 这里均为小班授课,让学生离老师的距离更近,对话时间更长,更有效的提高会话能力,并且每个班的学生都来自不同的国家,比如,中国,日本,韩国,西班牙,俄罗斯,更好的让大家利用课堂时间加强对话的练习。


A balanced practical syllabus独特系统的教学大纲

English textbooks are written by a linguistic professor who want to teach students all aspects of English. A lot of information in textbooks will never be used in “the real world” by language students. Most schools require teachers to adhere to all pages in the textbook.在语言学习的过程中,大多数老师是坚持运用书本上的所有内容来授课,导致很多学生学完了一本书还是不能开口说英文,或在户外的会话练习过于贴近书本,所以曼哈顿英文学校的老师们不仅借用书本上的内容,更为每个班的学生制定了更贴切生活的会话练习,因为无论你学习任何一种语言都需要与生活贴切才是真的掌握

  • The Manhattan Method focuses on students’ needs through an emphasis on practical language.曼哈顿语言学校针对学生的实际需要指定不同的教学方案
  • The method helps students accelerate their ability to communicate, acquire vocabulary, and become fluent in an active learning environment. 该方法有助于学生提高他们的沟通能力,掌握词汇,更快的掌握英文会话与听力的练习
  • App enabled classes help you to remember more from each lesson.

Passionate and engaging teachers关于老师团队

Our teachers are hand-picked to be engaging, and passionate about teaching.我们的老师都很热情和友好

  • They act as coaches who work with students to motivate them to quickly improve their language.  他们的热情会激励学生对语言产生浓厚的兴趣,使学生迅速提高语言的表达能力。
  • The teacher uses the book as one tool in the classroom. However, our teachers creates a curriculum based on the students’ needs not based on the textbook.我们的老师根据学生的需要教授课外的知识内容。

Ample opportunities to build confidence如何建立信心

In the Manhattan Method, students and teachers actively participate and collaborate to enhance their skills in and out of the classroom.在曼哈顿英文学校教学方法中,老师帮助学生建立学习语言的信心

  • Only 8 students per class; students can engage with the teacher throughout the lesson每个班最多接收8个学生,使学生在课堂上拥有充足的时间与老师互动
  • Students are engaged in open discussion, debate and dialogue with each other and the teacher 80% off the classroom time. 在课堂上,每个学生有80%的时间练习会话和语法的学习,在学习过程中,老师会旁听学生的对话,并且在第一时间纠正语法上的运用错误,并且加以讲解
  • Regular lessons outside of the classroom in a real life setting help students to develop confidence applying 利用基本的课程和户外的实践学习练习让我们对学好英文建立好足够的信心